Team Members

Ryan Swart

Age: 16 Grade: Junior

Hobbies: math, playing the viola, robotics, and programming

Dream Job: software/ electrical engineer

Dream Place to Live: Colorado

Cole Hughes

Age: 13 Grade: 7th

Hobbies: drone racing, taking care of his animals

Dream Job:

Dream Place to Live: Greece

Connor Olson

Age: 16 Grade: Junior

Hobbies: video games, fishing, hunting, robotics

Dream Job: Nuclear Engineer

Dream Place to Live: Montana

Mikey Swart

Age: 14 Grade: Freshman

Hobbies: playing the viola, playing Minecraft

Dream Job: medical field or law

Dream Place to Live: Switzerland

Hanson Nguyen

Age: 17 Grade: Junior

Hobbies: enjoys research and building things

Dream Job: Mechanical Engineer

Dream Place to Live: Japan

Anna Kaup

Age: 16 Grade: Junior

Hobbies: horseback riding, track, traveling, snowboarding, and drawing

Dream Job: psychology, criminology, medical field, or first responder

Dream Place to Live: Hawaii or New Zealand